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Fiesta ST

Fiesta ST

After graduating college in 2014, I found myself searching for a replacement for my 2000 Mercury Cougar. Unpredictable alternator issues and a new full-time job left me with a desire and in a position for something more reliable and, preferably, turbocharged!

I spent a few weeks looking at used STIs, WRXs, etc. but the same problem of insurance rates and crazy used prices meant that, in the end, I found myself behind the wheel of a practically new (1,971 miles on the odometer) 2014 Fiesta ST.

The ST served as my daily driver for a little over three years until it was sold to a fellow ST enthusiast in September 2017. Overall, my time with the ST was overwhemingly enjoyable and trouble free!

For more details on my ownership experience, feel free to check out my full long term review and the other posts linked below!