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January 12, 2018 /

JDM Dual Console Armrest Extension Review

JDM Dual Console Armrest Extension Review

After four months of ownership, I finally caved and picked up the $150 JDM dual console armrest extension. I had considered adding the USDM extension to my factory order, but really wasn't impressed with the appearance or functionality of it. Thankfully, the JDM version is significantly nicer in almost every way.

I picked mine up for ~$150 shipped from Subiebros. I've had nothing but positive experiences with their products and they always ship super fast (plus shipping is included in the cost of the item). A few days earlier than expected, I got a visit from the UPS fairy!

Everything in the package

The package comes with a few mounting screws, instructions, cover, and the armrest itself. Everything is color-matched to the OEM black plastic; even the inner felt lining is the same! +1 for consistency!

The instructions

Close up of the console

Close up of the console

With the Japanese instructions in-hand, I headed out into the -20 degree garage to freeze my ass o...I mean install everything.

First step is to remove the OEM center console cover - I used a plastic trim tool to avoid damaging anything.

Removing the rear cover

Next, remove the single phillips screw holding the rear of the console in place and pry the rear panel away from the rest of the console.

Removing the rear screw

Pulling back the rear panel

This will expose three more phillips screws (don't eat any of the screws - they will all be re-used) which will need to be removed. You should then be able to lift the armrest cover off.

Removing the three screws

Armrest removed

With the OEM armrest cover in-hand, place it on top of the JDM extension and line up the screw holes at the back. Using the three supplied round-headed phillips screws, secure the cover to the panel.

Attaching the cover to the extension

Attaching the cover to the extension

Attaching the cover to the extension

Next, take the supplied cover panel and clip into place over the rear of the newly assembled cover/extension. Secure the cover from the underside with the two supplied flat-headed phillips screws.

Attaching the hinge cover

Attaching the hinge cover

Attaching the hinge cover

Attaching the hinge cover

At this point, you're ready to install everything back onto the center console!

Align the hinge of the console extension with the OEM mounting holes on the center console and secure with the three original phillips head screws. Clip the rear of the console back into place and secure with the single original phillips screw. Clip the rear cover back into place and voila!

Reattaching the cover/extension

Reattaching the cover/extension

With everything reinstalled, here's my impressions:

In addition to an entire second tier of padded storage, the center console extension raises the height of the armrest by about 18mm to a much more usable level. With my seat positioned for my 6'2" frame, and the steering wheel extended fully towards me, I'm finally able to comfortably rest my right elbow on the armrest and still control the wheel.

Lower compartment storage

Upper compartment storage

Elbow support before

Elbow support after

Measurement of the difference in height

Use of the rear cup holder is not inhibited at all - extra tall Blender Bottles and Taco Bell Baja Blasts will still fit just fine. Yes, the latter was an absolutely necessary test. You're welcome.

Cupholder clearance

This is a simple, small mod that makes a huge difference in comfort. I recently went on a 8+ hour round-trip drive to Wisconsin and back with the armrest and installed and noticed significantly less fatigue on my left arm. Not having to float my right arm on the bolster all the time is much more comfortable as well.

Overall, while the $150 asking price for a bit of plastic and fabric is a bit steep, it's ultimately 100% worth it.

10/10 would extend my armrest again.


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