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July 22, 2019 /

Subiefest Midwest 2019

Subiefest Midwest 2019

The last few weeks have been unbearably hot and filled to the brim with rain. That means it must be late summer and time for another Subiefest! After last year's inaugural Midwest event, I couldn't wait to head back down to Joliet, IL!

With yet more rain in the forecast, the trip down was ominous and filled with dark skies. Thankfully my wife and I had an uneventful drive and arrived at the gates in no time! The parking area was, predictably, a sea of WRXs, STIs, Foresters, Outbacks, etc. I grabbed a few shots of my favorite Outback - driven by the one and only @soobwisconsibly.

soobwisconsibly's Outback

soobwisconsibly's Outback

Once we made it through registration, we grabbed our goodie bags featuring this year's awesome t-shirt design and checked out the new photo booth featuring a sweet Subiefest backdrop.

Subiefest Midwest photo booth

Subaru had once again wrapped a WRX and was letting people sign it, with each signature contributing a donation to charity! We left our mark just above the driver's side headlight and on the driver's fender (with a shameless plug for our insane cat's Instagram).

Attendees signing the WRX for charity

Ben's Car Blog signature

Our cat's Instagram signature

There was also a number of new 2020 Subarus on display, including the newly redesigned Outback, Legacy, and an S209 Edition STI. While the pictures I'd seen of the Outback online didn't convince me, I have to say the car itself is much sharper and refined looking in person!

The 2020 Subaru Outback

S209 STI

S209 STI

As we moved further into the show, my wife made a beeline for the humane society's booth and the ridiculously adorable puppies they had up for adoption. She was very excited, to say the least...

Humane Society booth

She really likes dogs

The Subaru Rally Team area featured the car itself as well as a booth for fans to grab signatures and a picture with rally legend Patrik Sandell!

Subaru Rally Team's car

Patrik Sandell signatures

Patrik Sandell pictures

There were vendors aplenty this year, including Option Lab Wheels crazy booth featuring some of their awesome wheels plus a puppy of their own!

Option Lab Wheels booth

Option Lab Wheels dog!

We spent the rest of our time wandering around, grabbing some pictures of the awesome cars on display and catching up with friends!

50thfl4t's STI

Black BRZ with a huge wing!

World Rally Blue Hawkeye STI

World Rally Blue WRX on Enkeis

Grey Hawkeye STI

Beautiful red STI interior

A few of my favorites included smurfed_sti:

smurfed_sti front

smurfed_sti wheel detail

walkersmithology featured in front of the Verus Engineering booth:

Verus Engineering STI

Verus Engineering STI

Verus Engineering STI

Verus Engineering STI

Verus Engineering STI

sr20deep1's clean Forester on Volk TE37s:

sr20deep1's awesome TE37s

And toybaru with another amazing STI (OK maybe I have a thing for red Subarus now...)

toybaru's STI

toybaru's engine bay

toybaru's interior

Along the way, there were a few more dogs that of course HAD to be loved...

More Subie pups

And more Subie pups

And more Subie pups

Finally, just as Patrik Sandell was heading out onto the autocross track for ride-alongs, the downpour started. Fortunately I was able to grab a few shots before getting completely soaked!

Sandell taking fans for ride-alongs!

Sandell taking fans for ride-alongs!

Overall, Subiefest Midwest 2019 was a huge success and featured even more awesome cars than last year. The people, puppies, and vendors were all friendly and it was great see old friends and make a few new ones! See you next year, Subiefest!

The best way to wait out the rain


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