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Legacy XT

Legacy XT

Shortly after turning 30 in early 2022, I had a mild automotive identity crisis.

All joking aside, I did step back and seriously considered what was important to me in a daily driver; many needs that the WRX, unfortunately, no longer met.

As a result, I ended up evaluating my options and trading the WRX in for a 2022 Legacy Touring XT! I went with the Touring trim primarily for the gorgeous interior, but also because it still offers enough sportiness to keep things interesting.

With the same 2.4L turbo under the hood as the new WRX, it’s got about the same pep with oodles more luxury and refinement.

I absolutely miss my WRX, but I’ve come to love the Legacy’s unique character. I’m excited to share my “old man mobile” journey with you all!

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