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After a couple years with my Fiesta ST, in early July 2017 I placed an order for a brand new WRX; a 2018 Premium in Lapis Blue Pearl. This was something I had dreamt of doing since shopping for my very first car as a teenager!

The WRX neatly filled the void left when I sold my Fiesta ST, and proved to be a much more practical daily driver, without sacrificing too many of the fun-to-drive qualities that made the ST a great car.

I had a great four and a half years with the WRX, but as I hit 30, my priorities shifted drastically, and I needed a car that better suited our families needs. So in March 2022 I decided to trade in the WRX for a 2022 Legacy Touring XT.

I’ll always consider the WRX my “attainable dream car”, and absolutely loved every day I was able to drive it!

You can read more about the process of ordering, taking delivery, and the nearly five year journey with the car here or via the list of posts below (chronological order).